Our war casualties

2014 saw the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War. We are gathering the history of the people who gave their lives and are remembered on our War Memorial. Where possible we are publishing details on the 100th Anniversary of their death both in the village magazine and on these pages.

Each of the men who gave their lives are listed below and link through to their own page with detailing the information we have about them. We would love to be able to add more detail as it becomes available. See contact details below if you can help.

The Great War

Reuben Frederick Barton
Howard Menelson Chaplin
George Cole
Edgar Stanley Cooper
Walter Henry Greensides Dove
Alfred George Easdell
Harry Ellis
William James Forsdyke
James Frostick
Lewis Harold Garrod
Sidney George Gladwin
Arthur Howe
Alfred Benjamin Lucas
Charles Lucas
Ernest Boxald Lucas
Charles Manning
Albert Payne
Charles John Studd
George Alfred Studd

The Second World War

B.A. Garrod
Eric Arthur Howe
Ernest George Frederick Rix

Please get in contact if you can help with any further information. I would be very glad to put up details (and in particular, photographs) on this page if you wish.
Dr Hugh Gunter Frostick - email: hugh@greatbromley.org.uk   Tel: 07722 253962

I am very grateful to Mark Ashmore for his research into the service and casualty records of these brave men of Great and Little Bromley. I am also very grateful to those relatives who have already kindly furnished photographs and information.