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Friends of St. Mary's Church Update April 2021  

Over the past year as with other events, Little Bromley Church has been very quiet. The Bromley 10K run was postponed and will now be happening on Sunday 23rd May, with an altered start and finishing point, and not using the churchyard this year. To keep with Covid rules there will be no gatherings, spectators or any refreshments.  

This is My Theatre group held an open air play in the churchyard last year amid Covid restrictions. They are now going to perform The Tempest at 7pm on Saturday 22nd May in the open air.

There have been no Friends events happening due to Covid. However after a short closure, we are pleased to say that the church is again open daily to visitors and quite often brightened with a few flowers. We were unable to hold any Carol Services indoors or outside due to Covid restrictions. We did however have our Christmas Memory Tree up in the church over December and noticed that quite a few tags for loved ones had been placed on the tree. During Easter Holy Week we had three short morning services in the church. These were advertised through St. George's Church website and although they had small attendances, it was nice to see the church being used.  

A small group recently met in the churchyard to look at the plants and flowers growing there. There has also been a burial recently.  

We are hoping that later in the year we may be able to hold an event or two. These are likely to be announced at fairly short notice and will abide by the Covid restrictions.  

Carol Cordwell
The Friends of Little Bromley Church