Ernest Boxald Lucas

Rita Barker writes:

I wondered if this could be Ernest Boxald Lucas b.1883 in Dovercourt, on the 1901 census his parents Daniel and Emma Jane Lucas are living at Jasmin House, Little Bromley.

Ernest married in 1912 to a Louise I Harman, they had 2 children but both parents appeared to have died early, Ernest in West Ham in 1919.

Ernest Boxald Lucas contracted Pulmonary Tuberculosis, the Medical Board at Catterick Military Hospital attributed this to him being gassed at Paschendal. In October 1917, the gassing weakened his lungs and infection set in.  He was discharged at Dover on 23 May 1918, and recommended to a Sanitorium for treatment.  He and his wife both died in West Ham in 1919, leaving 2 children of 7 & 5 orphaned. 

On his military record in 1904 his father D. Lucas of Jasmin Farm, Little Bentley, Essex was named as next of kin.