War Memorial Refurbishment - 2011

war memorialTime had taken its toll on the Little Bromley War Memorial, being some 90 years old. There were cracks in the structure and exposure to the elements meant that some of the names on the memorial were increasingly difficult to read.

In 2011 an appeal was launched for funds by Little Bromley Parish Council. There was a terrific response from local people & businesses. We even received a donation from New Zealand from a relative of one of the men listed on the war memorial. The Amenities Committee ran a very successful quiz night, at the Haywain public house and all the profits from the night went towards the appeal.

We would like to say a very big thank you to all those who made donations;

  • All those who supported the Amenities Committee Quiz Night
  • Bromley Messenger
  • John and Wendy Buxton
  • Ann and Steve Clarke
  • Hugh Frostick
  • Hiskeys Farm Kennels
  • Mick and Sandra Shute
  • Chris and Gill Smith
  • "Wednesday Night Gang" (at the Haywain)
  • A.N. Other (we have received some anonymous donations)

Sufficient funds were raised for professional cleaning and repairing of the Memorial to restore its appearance and maintain structural integrity. Work was also carried out to improve the drainage of the ground on which the Memorial stands, as this has also contributed to the structural damage.

This work will ensure that the Memorial will remain standing for many years to come, and continue to serve as a reminder to future generations of the sacrifice made by the twenty two men from our village who gave their lives.

war memorial

Before and After

If you would like to make a donation to help us remember the sacrifices made by those young men, and to protect the village's heritage for future generations, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council whose details can be found on the Little Bromley Parish Council page.

All contributions are welcome, no matter how small; cheques may be made payable to "Little Bromley Parish Council".