Churches Conservation Trust Visit May 2011

On Saturday 14th May the Friends of Little Bromley Church gathered together along with other local residents to meet. A beautifully decorated church welcomed everyone and the local bell ringers entertained us before rushing off to their next venue.

As people arrived they were able to enjoy some lovely homemade cakes and hot drinks - but only just as we had a minor hitch with the electrics! Amid the chatter, music was played to the enjoyment of those present.

We were lucky to have Crispin Truman, the chief executive of the Churches Conservation Trust in attendance. After mingling for a while, he gave us an illustrated talk about the work of the Conservation Trust. A selection of slides showed vast improvements in churches that they have restored, and how urban churches can go on to have interesting futures. Crispin explained that a lot of funding had now been lost and we now need to look for more donations and for people to become supporters of the Churches Conservation Trust.

The talk was very interesting and made us appreciate all the work that had been done so we can enjoy our lovely little church. We then had a very brief meeting of the Friends to re-elect the committee and welcome new members, William and Paul.

crispin truman