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Friends of Little Bromley Church

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Saturday 24th June 2017  

3.30-5.30pm Midsummer Tea and Pimms Party 

Music by Rococo 
Annual Friends Meeting will be held at 4.15-4.30pm

CO11 2PP 

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Our email address is:  friends @ (NO SPACES) and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FofLBC 

  • For more information please contact us.
  • If you need a lift to an event, let us know and we will try to organize it.
  • If you no longer wish to receive emails please let us know.

Here are some of the Friends at the AGM 2016

Friends of Little Bromley Church, Essex, AGM 2016


Friends of Little Bromley Church


Volunteers needed for Helping at events, Welcoming Visitors, Refreshments, Distributing leaflets, Flowers, Cleaning, etc.

If you can help please sign up for the events of your choice.

email to friends @


About The Friends

In 2006 the Friends of Little Bromley Church was started as an informal group which aims to

  1. stimulate the use and enjoyment of the church and its churchyard
  2. promote the church for suitable events (such as open days, flower festivals, talks, concerts, religious services)
  3. organise church cleaning and preparation for these events
  4. assist the Churches Conservation Trust practically and financially with supervision of the church and improvements to the building
  5. coordinate management of the churchyard on conservation lines, in co-operation with the PCC of the Bromleys and Lt Bromley Parish Council and to assist both bodies financially with the care of the churchyard