Summer bat watch

Little Bromley Church has some fine roosting spots for bats in the belfry, which means on a fine summer's evening it is perfect for a bat watch... and listen (with bat detectors)!

The first Bat Watch was in August 2011. We had an illustrated talk by Robin Cottrill, Vice Chair of the Essex Bat Group. Robin told us about the different types and their life cycle with some wonderful photos. Following Robin's talk, we went into the churchyard armed with sensitive bat detectors. We detected Soprano Pipistrelle, Common Pipistrelle and Noctule bats. 85 People attended including many children.

We have had two more bat watches since then with illustrated talks about their lifecycle and habits. It is always fun and, of course, with our famous refreshments.

Bat talk 1
Illustrated bat talk

bat fans
A full house

Hunting for bats with bat detectors