Memories from the Queen's Reign

The Flower Festival to be held at St. George’s Church asks……….

Do you have any Memories of the Queen’s Reign?

One Great Bromley resident has vivid memories of Wednesday 6th February 1952.  She writes: ‘I was 7 when the Queen came to the throne.  I remember it so clearly.  We lived in a small village in Suffolk and on Wednesday mornings we had ‘Music and Movement’ listening to a programme on the ‘wireless’ (as it was called then) The desks had been pushed to the sides of the classroom and we were skipping around, when suddenly the music stopped and a very sombre voice came over the airways, telling us that ‘His Majesty King George VI had passed away in his sleep.’  (The rest can be read at the Flower Festival.)

If you were alive on February 6th 1952, what are your memories of the day?  If you were born after 1952, do you have your own memories of the Queen, or stories passed down through your family?

If so, why not please write a short piece (no more than 2 sheets of A4) and tell us about it.  The segment can be hand written or typed.  It can include photos or pictures. (The photos can be returned after the event.)

All pieces sent in will be included in our display or put into a folder to be kept in the church.  We feel that this will be a lovely addition to the Flower Festival weekend on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July.  (Theme:  Plant a tree for the Jubilee.)

There will be a collection box in the back of St. George’s Church for your work.  You can then place it into a supplied A4 envelope along with your details.  (There will be additional information inside the church.)  All entries must be in the church by Friday 24th June, so they can be included in the display.

If you have any queries please contact:  Carol Cordwell on 01206 395103 or Marion Bromfield on 01206 230089.

Date of notice: 
Wednesday, 18 May 2022